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Improve the trip and manage the route efficiently

Cutting-edge technology

UNLIMITED MOBILITY your ally for driving without limits through Europe.


Products for carriers and transport companies

Personalized solutions that allow you to optimize your time and minimize inconveniences en route

Toll devices



Toll devices

Drive without barriers


Family of toll devices with shortwave technology

No installation

Just place the device and you can drive

Circulate through Spain, France, Portugal, Italy and the tunnels of Germany and Belgium

Travel without interruptions until you reach your destination

Maximum discounts

We make sure you get every euro that is yours

24/7 customer service

Support at all hours and in your language

Optimal solution

Speed ​​up your route, eliminate obstacles and toll lines. Save time and money on every trip.


Satellite Toll Device Family

Secure installation

Minimize your fines for address errors

Satellite technology

Change license plates and add countries online

Fleet management system

Monitor and analyze the location and data of your vehicles

Security alerts

Protect yourself with alerts

Valid throughout Europe

A single device for all countries

Ideal solution

The ideal option for challenging routes, providing full control and visibility.

In addition, constant training: we will not leave you alone

Having all the information will save you a lot of money

You will always have one of our technicians by your side.
Just a call away.​

We will explain how it works and how to configure it.
We will make the difficult easy.

You will learn the error codes that appear on your device and how to solve them.

We will show you why the device opens the barriers even when it has no battery.

High-precision GPS and shortwave DSRC technology. We will give you the details of everything.

Satisfied clients, always attended to and happy.
Your peace of mind is our concern.

Geolocators and sensors

Your fleet and truck load under control


The most advanced solution for fleet management

Location in real time

Monitor the location of your vehicles instantly

Personalized route planning

Helps drivers to travel on the most suitable roads for their vehicle

Zone control

Set work areas and receive alerts when a vehicle leaves them

Driving analysis

Monitor your drivers' behavior behind the wheel

Custom reports

Get detailed information about your fleet activity


Complete monitoring


Monitors temperature sensitive load integrity


Detect when your vehicle doors open and close

Trailer load

Control when your vehicles are loaded


Detect damaged tires and prevent accidents


Monitoring the level of fuel, liquids and others


Detection of unauthorized movement or cargo opening

Vibrations and impacts

Control of the condition of your vehicles and prevention of breakdowns

Technology Reliability

The most agile, reliable and simple devices on the market! ​

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Tell us who you are and we will be your trusted partner. Whether you are a freelancer, a large or small logistics company, we are looking forward to meeting you and having a good route together.

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